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Clean, Clean, Clean

Our Promise to you!
We don't double dip, we sanitize our tools and we sanitize the table and all equipment after each client!

Late Policy

We ask that if your held up in traffic or plans change to give us a call. If you are 10 minutes late for facial services and 5 minute late for body services we will have to reschedule your appointment or decrease services that may have been booked. After the allowed late minutes you will be marked as a "no-show". If you "no-show" you will be asked to pre-pay before services for 3 months.

No Show

If you No Show you will be asked to prepay for your services for a 3 month period.

No Photos/Videos in the Studio

Please limit selfies and  videos of services performed until after the service.

One Client in Room Policy

Only the Client getting waxed is allowed in the room. This allows us to work efficiently and drama free. If the client is a parent, underage, or disabled this policy will have exceptions.

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