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$5 Service

We're looking for models to help our team perfect their craft!  

This is an opportunity for beauty professionals to get hands on experience in a learning environment. The goal of our modeling program is to give our technicians real-life scenarios creating an opportunity to expand their waxing skills as they learn and refine customer expectations.


All services are done by “students” and are licensed Estheticians/Cosmetologist and have went through extensive training and have completed preliminary educational requirements at Waxed in the glass city.  All services will be supervised by a one of our trainers and may or may not be in the room during the service. Specific services are needed on specific dates. Services may take more time than a normal session.


How to be a model:

Hair growth is minimum ¼” inch long (at least 2 weeks since your last shave is a good general rule)

Limited time slots available

Duration of service varies depending on what service is being performed


Book Now if interested in getting a $5 wax!

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